by Ghosts in Pocket

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released June 18, 2013

Performed by Ghosts in Pocket
Composition and Lyrics by Keith Richard Beshwate
Tracked and Mixed by Brandon Pfaff in Fullerton, CA and La Habra, CA
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering in Portland, OR



all rights reserved


Ghosts in Pocket Los Angeles, California

Formed in January of 2011, Ghosts in Pocket goes as follows: Keith met Zach, Zach knew Chris and Nick, Keith met Chris and Nick, and the rest is history.

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Track Name: Take Warning
paused at falling skies
your eyes clutching mine
wait for it to die
we couldn't take so we gave our lives

taste your shaking skin
keep it silent
moments after I sink in
i'll bring you back again

because there's all my life in you
Track Name: Brainwave
I had a brainwave
caught it at daybreak
had a melodic ache
used and let it get away

and now those simple words
are twisting with the curves
of my own memory
short term and stuck in repeat

I had a brainwave
it made the front page
thought it would not escape
but then I lost the shape

and now those perfect tones
that shook beneath my bones
have left my muscles cold
and all my actions dull

I had a brainwave
this time it wouldn't break
I put it in a cage
sitting for days and days

and when I found the chart
it was familiar art
something I had already seen
unlocked and set it free

and now it's on a runaway
keep mixing message tapes
in the cortex it's all the same
I wasn't ready to lose the name
Track Name: Radio You
I wasn't allowed
to pick up the phone
I couldn't yell that loud
loud enough to reach your home

so sometime i'd like to radio you

the wire in the clouds
is a caught and tangled tune
can you hear the static sound
you are making in your room?

sometimes it's gonna be different than before
Track Name: Loneliness of Liars
made another mystery
out of your history
sold it by the morning
nighttime I was fire roaring

laying in the waste
I could barely taste
everything you serve
caught in the conservation for the war I tried to ignore
a patron for the war I tried to ignore
but there was something in your eyes that I could never afford

hope it stops raining
forty nights waiting
help you stay under
help me go thunder

in the january
middle i'll be ready
in the popularity
of the air that breathes in you like a little choke
breathes in you like a little choke
all I can give to you is an anecdote

and i'm just pacing, pacing for you now
and i'm just pacing, pacing for you
'til you come around,
beat it down,
but you're dead, and now
I surrender now.

oh, I surrender now.
Track Name: Everything of Ours
show me ways to find the space
I wasn't there to make me or you
haunt my mind with turpentine
until I wind up lost inside the room

and there was just a figure
I found between the walls
telling me to keep the key
but leave behind the door

call to arms the nitrogen bombs
they'll clear up the mess, evaporate the surface
start again what has been the end,
the machine won't rest until it is the best

and you were just a figure, figure, figure, figure, figure

oh my lord, if I believe in symmetry,
i'll believe in anything

everything of ours is coming
can't imagine where it'll be when it's gone

I hope that when I die I make the national news
Track Name: Hallway
I was basking
in the hallway air
couldn't help but stare
at the pictures

you couldn't help but breathe
scents of her cotton sleeves
in the summer
or in november

fuck this party
I wanna be outside
I want out of this tie
and into the water

they are laughing
about another horrible day
working from nine to way
past their dinner

and now i'm on my way
working through crowd so fazed
biting on my tongue just to break off the taste

and now i'm on my way
mixing with the curious faced
open up a bottle to savor each other's flavor

and now I'm on my way back home
but it doesn't matter anyway, no

you started a family tree
I wasn't supposed to see
I wasn't allowed to read
but baby that's not for me
Track Name: Elephant
it's another night
you're under your own breath
nothing's alright
everything is upset

so you turn to your mirror
in the label, peel it off
you really screwed yourself
you really screwed this out

you hold your elephant the way you hold your head

caught lost in a liplock
with your favorite dead soldier
you know, the one you bought
for excuses grown older

you take a second to explain it and you lose your mind
you take an hour, try to calm down, and you fall behind
you say it's them, not me, you're pretty, and you don't get high
that's why you're always on the ground about to dive

you hold your elephant the way you hold your head
first fifty years grey, then the last ten red

still crossing the river
Track Name: Bushes
she's staring at me through my screen
the way she'd stare at me through the window in my dreams
thirteen years ago
both memories wear black and white and moonbeams

oh I know
it's another taste of the sentimental
that I want to last forever

she spreads her eyes on slow
sprays dust on her clothes, attaches to my nose
taking me back home
where I lost my sense of which way was lonely

oh I know
it's another scent of the elemental
that I don't want to shake away from my bones
they keep me warm, keep the accidental feelings
I don't know if I want to show
Track Name: Only in the Books
caught you before
the sunlight left the moor
on the road, lit up like gold
known faces falling old

you stood up hand on hood
asking if it's ever good
I made my promise clear
there is love in all this fear

and only in the books that fear is real

hold your head
in the blue of your bed
i'll send it all away
and warm you into grey

know only in the books that fear is real
only troubled looks can make you feel
that something's gonna happen to your heart
smile 'til your worries break apart

caught you alone
reading about rome
but you didn't shed a tear
you forgot the fear
Track Name: Short Horror
settle for the money
on my little wake
I was restless in the horror
of the lake

settle for the contest
oh my I was weak
made a couple kind children
and opened them to speak
and you were not a member of that little piece of clay
that I made on that day

settle for the memory
oh my lord I would take
through the restless part of anything
you're the restless part of anything

it's an uncomedic sadness
oh my head's feeling the wall
you can haunt me with your gratitude
but I can't take the fall
and on my way I wasn't walking farther at all
I would walk alone

so come back and settle me down

yet it was tough to be you